The system of the “World Time” or more precisely “Heures Universelles” (Universal Hours) owes its paternity to Louis Cottier, the undisputed genius who worked in the field of watchmaking and micromechanics and introduced in 1931, following in his father’s footsteps, an effective, practical and functional system to read the hours of the world.

The system patented by Cottier was simple and innovative at the same time:

  • Fixed internal dial with spheres.
  • An inner circle, bearing the 12 hours.
  • An outer ring bearing from 24 to 31 cities, which identify and read the relative time zones, thanks to the rotation of this ring.

Although the patent was coveted by many watchmaking houses, it was Patek Philippe who introduced and patented, in those years, the first “World Hours” wristwatch.


As already mentioned, it was Patek Philippe who gave, in 1937 to all enthusiasts watchmaking, the first “world time”, the synergistic result of the engineering work of Cottier and the master case maker, Antoine Gerlach.

From the first prototypes and specimens of the late 1930s, Patek has always focused heavily on this complication, producing unique pieces with undisputed charm; to this day, Patek Philippe’s “World Time” remains one of the most sought-after and most popular watches on the contemporary and collectible market.

Today we offer you 5 pieces from our collection:

Patek Philippe World Time ref. 5131J in yellow gold “World Map”:

Introduced in 2006, this model is equipped with a wonderful hand-made cloisonné enamel dial. This watch is in limited production, with only a small number of closionné dials made each year – which requires complex and specialized skills, and has been in production for less than two years, making them rare and attractive on the collectible market.

Patek Philippe World Time ref. 5230 in Rose gold:

Elegance and charm for this Universal Hours by Patek, with rose gold case and crocodile strap; the 24-hour ring is divided into night and day hours. The local time zone is set to the 12, with the hour and minute hands set to local time. The correct time (hours and minutes) is then displayed for each time zone in the world simultaneously (with clear local time indication) on one dial.

Patek Philippe World Time ref. 5130 p “Mecca Verde”:

This limited edition was produced in only 150 pieces. Created with a platinum case and a dial with an emerald green center and platinum indexes. The outer rings of the dial feature the names of important cities around the world and their times. The Patek Philippe Mecca edition has a transparent caseback, a 48-hour power reserve and a hand-stitched black crocodile leather strap. The watch was designed, precisely in a limited edition, exclusively for customers in the Middle East, particularly for the Saudi Arabian market. The emerald green on the dial is special as it is considered the traditional color of Islam and gives charm and personality to this rare timepiece.

Patek Philippe World Time ref. 5130 p Dubai:

This watch, made with a platinum case, was produced in only 50 pieces, and was made exclusively for Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons of Dubai to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the retailer and 50 years of relationship between Seddiqi and Patek Philippe. The caseback is printed “Commemorative Piece 1950-2010” to certify the auspicious event. The Dubai time zone is highlighted in red, emphasizing its importance and contrasting beautifully with the black dial.

Patek Philippe World Time ref. 5130 / 11G “blue sapphire” bezel:

This timepiece is a unique piece, in white gold with the baguette bezel in sapphires, belonging to a “small family” or more precisely a set of 4 watches, made in 2012, each with a case of a different metal (yellow gold, pink gold, white gold and platinum) and with a baguette bezel of a different stone. The button to the left of the case is used to advance the hour hand in 60-minute increments to adjust the local time during a trip. The latter also adjusts the city disc so that it refers to your time zone. The central 24-hour disc is used to report the time around the world based on your local time. For example, If it is 10 am in London, looking at the record it is easy to see that it is 2 am in Los Angeles.

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